Tie and Tease

London Tie and Tease mistress

I am Mistress Azumi
London Mistress.

My Tie & Tease / Edging & Orgasm Control sessions are highly erotic and sensual. You will be securely bound then constantly teased and maintained in a highly aroused state close to, but not quite achieving orgasm. Your desire to orgasm will be exquisitely powerful. You will be beguiled, titillated and overwhelmed by waves of pure pleasure.

You will be erotically stimulated and exhilarated by varying sensations that bring you to euphoric highs, keeping you in a state of heightened ecstasy, yet not being allowed to orgasm until I allow you to. After all, although Tie and Tease is a more tender form of BDSM, I am very much in control of you and your orgasm.

When you are finally allowed to orgasm, it will be much more intense and powerful than normal due to your heightened state of arousal throughout the prolonged stimulation.

My contact phone number is 07778718577

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