Intense Electro Therapy, Slave F
I arranged a session with Mistress Azumi and in advance told her I had some experience with electrics and found that quite “interesting”. I was questioned about that because she told me it was not for the faint hearted and I needed to be ready – both physically and mentally. This was very intriguing so I had to give it a go!!
Mistress Azumi greeted me dressed in a black latex Atsuko Kudo mini dress which exacerbated her slim yet busty figure, and with thigh high leather books exposing the sexiest toned thighs I have ever seen in my life. She had beautiful dark eyes with long eye lashes and also wore dark red lipstick enhanced by black lip liner. She wore a military army cap. Standing in front of me was the hottest sexiest Oriental dominatrix that must exist anywhere in the world. My John Thomas immediately stood to attention, I felt totally under her spell just from her looks. We had a quick discussion and she explained safe words and signals I should use because she told me she was well versed in electro therapy and I may find it fairly intense!  I couldn’t wait!!
She strapped me securely to the bondage bed with expert precision. She seemed to be so gentle as she bound me, yet so firm, so when she was finished I was completely immobilisedand sporting a giant erection. She was an expert in firm but gentle security! She then blindfolded me and placed what I think must have been a gas mask or some sort of controlled breathing device over my face, together with an inflatable collar around my neck. As she pumped up the collar my breathing became slightly restricted. I was still well in control but I felt I was being pushed towards my limits.
She massaged my body and toyed with my nipples, penis and anal cavity. How I didn’t explode I have no idea, she was able to  keep me in a state of heightened arousal for what seemed like hours. I felt clamps being fastened to my nipples and my scrotum, and rings being tightened around my erect cock. Then a hard – and long! – dildo was gently forced deep into my rectum, while all the time she was stroking my cock.  I felt ropes or tape being fastened around my butt so there was no way that dildo was going anywhere but deep inside me! Andall the time the slightly restricted breathing  made the sensations feel so much more intense.
Then I felt a slight tingling – firstly on my nipples, then my scrotum, followed by my cock and finally my anus. The intensity of the stimulation seemed to vary constantly between all areas, pulsing and throbbing from mild tingling to what felt like severe jolts. I didn’t know whether I was coming or going! The sensations became more and more intense and I felt my breathing getting heavier and heavier as my tormentress was clearly pumping up the collar some more. All the time I felt my cock being gently stroked and it was getting to the point where I thought I must release soon or do I give a safe signal? She told me in no uncertain terms that I was not allowed to cum yet as she was just getting started! Oh my god! How could I handle this?
The pulsating electro stimulation torture and gentle stroking seemed to continue for hours, and just as I felt I was going to explode it was turned down a bit so I was edged mercilessly. Finally Mistress Azumi said “the time has come, you remember the safe signals don’t you? I think you’re probably going to need them soon!!” I was being toyed with both physically and mentally and then the electrics were turned up to the extent that I seemed to have the longest and most intense orgasm I have ever experienced in my life – my entire body seemed to be cumming at the same time – cock, anus, nipples. I thought to myself finally this must be over, but there was more to come. As I was convulsing and writhing in my bondage the evil Mistress was laughing at me and turned the electrics up higher and shouting at me “take it, take it, take it slave!”
I couldn’t last any longer and gave up – I used the safe signals and Mistress Azumi was immediately on the ball and turned it all off and released me, finishing with a gentle soothing massage to calm me down. Unbelievably during the massage she pulled another – much more pleasurable! – orgasm out of me. She was incredible, beautiful and highly skilled. I went through a roller coaster of emotions and sensations in that session. She can be an evil tormentress and gentle sexy mistress at the same time.
I can’t wait to return.