1. Worship your goddess/ orgasm control my slave


I arranged my first ever domination session with Mistress Azumi today and oh my word she did not disappoint. I was very apprehensive at first as it was my first time, I visited her incredibly clean and immaculate “dungeon” , I was greeted by the most elegant stunning and sexy Asian woman you could ever dream to meet. Her photos do not do her justice at all. She is simply a vision of beauty.

After discussing my tastes and limits, and setting me at ease, she then moved up a gear into erotic domination mode. I was bound expertly but not uncomfortably and was made to worship her shapely legs, ankles and feet. It was pure heaven, Her figure is athletic and toned and she knows how to use it to make you weak at the knees. I was then bound face up on the massage table and was given an unbelievably erotic massage which kept me in a state of heightened arousal for the rest of the session. I don’t think there were any erogenous zones left in my body that she did not stimulate expertly. When I was finally allowed to release it was the most intense prolonged orgasm I have ever experienced, and with some light post orgasm milking torture to make sure I knew who was in control.

I can’t wait to book another session as Mistress Azumi takes me on a new journey to explore my fantasies and push my limits!