Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish with London Mistress Azumi

I am Mistress Azumi
London Mistress.

Mistress Azumi desires to have her feet worshipped and pampered. I am strict and demanding to those who have the privilege to kiss, lick and suck my sensational classy feet. It thrills me to have an adoring slave and the expectations I have from my foot slaves are high. You will be rewarded by having the privilege to submit to me and lust after my feet and oh so classy high heeled stiletto shoes.

We can explore your needs desires and lust for my feet. You may need to kiss and grovel at my feet, you may need that I tease and punish you with the slap of my foot. All will be explored regards your capacity to please and satisfy me.

I have boots that are made for Walking All Over You so know your place and show me your subservience and gratitude

My feet are perfect as I am. So given my class and status as a goddess, I am more than able to make your dreams come true, but you will obey and understand your place if you want the experience very few selected slaves are privileged to enjoy.

Mistress Azuma’s Foot Fetish Sessions

You can express your foot fetish and adoration in many ways when you serve me. These are some forms of foot fetish I enjoy:

  • Foot massage
  • Nail polishing
  • Toe sucking
  • Mouth stuffing
  • Slapping your face with my feet
  • Trampling
  • Heel sucking
  • Ball crushing with my heels
  • Modeling a variety of shoes
  • Foot jobs

I am more than High Class so have highest expectations from any slave regards hygiene and ability to show deference and respect to me at all times.

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