Adult Baby

Adult Baby Play with London Mistress Azumi
Adult Baby Play with London Mistress Azumi

I am Mistress Azumi
London Mistress.

Mistress Azuma is strict and controlling and provides all forms of Adult Baby Minding services, from simple role play including the use of disposable adult diapers when required, to adult baby minding, including complex fetish scenes, erotic discipline, and S&M.

Your mistress has many skills and I can help you explore and realise your dreams and fantasies under my strict guidance.

Depending on your nature and my approval you may begin with mild discipline and progress to intense female domination.

I have a vested interest in watching you progress and develop into my passive and obedient baby boy.

I will relish being your Adult Baby minding mistress and I will make great effort to fulfil all your ABDL requests excluding personal services or messy diapers.

I have many sex toys, and vibrators to play with and help me stimulate the little willies and naughty pussies that need my special attention and care.

As you come under my charge you will wimpier and beg to please me and in time as our relationship develops you will adore and totally submit to Mommy Azuma.

Adult baby minding Mommy Domme

I have a deep and innate Eastern knowledge of BDSM and fetish fantasies that can be explored in any AB/DL scenario.

Depending on your needs and desire I can help you explore your limits from mild to extreme scales of discipline, humiliation, including your dream fantasy games.

A selection of canes and straps will be available for me to correct the error of your ways should it necessary. As you may imagine I am an expert with a bamboo cane.

Slowly you will give yourself over to me, session by session you will learn to obey and worship me as I desire and expect.

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