Adult baby/ spanking/ nappy/ dummy mummy with naughty boy!

Adult Baby, Sub D
I had a wonderful session with my cute little “baby boy” the other day. He arrived for his session a little late so I kept him waiting in suspense in my nursery until I came in dressed in a short crimson skirt, stockings, and a low cut blouse.
From now on he was to call me “mummy” and do whatever mummy thought was best for him without protests. I got him dressed in his nappy first of all, and then his baby suit and told him to lie on the baby mat so I could ‘inspect’ him. He was a little slow in getting onto the mat, so I thought a little bit of mild discipline would encourage him.
I laid him over my knee, pulled down his nappy and gave him about ten light smacks on his buttocks – “naught boy!!, you must do what mummy says and a bit more quickly next time!”
Incredibly this seemed to arouse him so I quickly put his nappy back on – but this time with a lock and told him he was not allowed to play with himself in “those regions”, or mummy would get very upset, and he didn’t want that to happen did he!!??
I then gave him a thorough “inspection”, hair, eyes, ears, hands, feet, and moving to his chest and caressing his very sensitive nipples. He was moaning pleasurably a little bit too loudly as I toyed with his nipples, so it was best to muffle his moans by inserting a dummy into his mouth – secured in place of course!
I continued to caress and arouse him until his feeding time. He loves his apple and carrot baby food, and of course his bottled milk. I will leave it your imagination the ingredients of his milk, but he certainly went home with a big smile on his face!